more about kristen.

the face behind the camera.

A little more about me- I live in Southern Indiana, but love to travel. I've been married to my best friend, Josh, for 5 years. Our sweet baby boy is officially a toddler and we're loving this new adventure we're on as a little family! He was born at the end of 2020, which was a sweet reminder that the Lord makes everything beautiful in its time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11) I love Jesus with all my heart and pray my life and my business are lights for Him. I'm living my dream and it's only because of Him that I get to do what I love!

In the free-time I don’t normally have (lol, mom life) I love hiking, cooking new foods (hardcore foodies over here), and listening to true crime podcasts! Being a mom has truly changed my perspective and turned my world upside down in the sweetest way. The little human we’ve created is our pride and joy and watching him grow and learn daily is a privilege. I pray I can emulate the Lord’s love for him in a real and raw way that draws his little heart to the King of kings. 

Marriage is a special kind of hard in the best way. Being a wife is the biggest honor and getting to love and serve my husband is an indescribable joy. Growing up, more than anything I wanted to be a wife and mom, and while both roles stretch me and challenge me, there are no greater titles I have than these two. 

who i am.

As a mama to a sweet little boy, I know how much value a photo holds when these precious moments with our littles are so quickly fleeting. I’m no stranger to the stressful feelings that might come along with the thought of getting your picture taken, but these are the moments that will soon be memories, so I can guarantee documenting every ounce of sweetness the present has to offer will never be something you’ll regret. I’m here to make sure capturing your story is a stress- free, fun and enjoyable experience. You’ll look back on these photos and recall these memories years from now, and your heart will smile. 

I know how much value a photo holds

my purpose.

I find immense joy in capturing authentic connections and thoroughly enjoy showcasing the beautiful and unique stories of others. 

It’s the genuine connections that matter to me- the big laughs, the quiet hugs and everything in between. I aim to document your family in a way that showcases everything that makes you special and unique. From focusing on the tiny details of new fingers and toes, to capturing the beauty in your everyday moments, I’m here for all of it. 


More than anything, I would love to be your third wheel and fly on the wall to document your love-filled moments, and to help you recognize the beauty in your own unique story. I want to help you freeze time if only for a minute, to allow you to truly remember what you felt in the most love-filled moments of your life.

Photography is my passion because I genuinely love people and love documenting the connection love facilitates in people. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than being able to freeze your love-filled moments to share with your family for years to come.

I want to help you recognize the beauty in your story


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I am so excited that you're drawn to my work and want to work together! You can fill out my contact form on my website and I will be in touch shortly!

Once we choose a date and are ready to go, we will sign a contract and I will require a retainer to officially book your date on my calendar!

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