Style Guide for Spring Family Sessions

Spring is here which means it’s time for warmth, outdoor fun, and family photos! Springtime is my absolute favorite time to document families because not only are the beautiful flowers blooming, spring feels fresh, sweet, and soft which is how I would describe my photography and editing style. As the year progresses, life gets busier and more hectic, so before the craziness of summer and fall begins let’s capture your family as they are right now!

(Don’t worry, we can also get those beautiful fall photos too. Time is a thief and our kids grow and change WAY too fast, so I always recommend family sessions at least twice a year!)

While we’re in this beautiful season of spring though, here are some beautiful clothing suggestions for babies, toddlers and older children for your next family session. I recommend sticking with neutrals full of texture, yet lightweight such as linen, cotton, and muslin, for a soft and cohesive look among family members. Another reason I love neutrals and minimal patterns is because it takes much less thought to get multiple outfits to mesh well together!

All of the images you will see below are from H&M, Old Navy, and even Walmart! I always want the suggestions I give on clothing to be from places that are easily accessible and affordable. I have a toddler and I know how quickly they grow out of clothing, so we’re not about to spend a fortune! These options are gorgeous and the price tags are great.

I have a few options for kids in my client closet, so I would recommend checking there first for some options, but if nothing catches your eye check out these stores!